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SDGs at Koretsune Seiko Co., Ltd.

We are committed to contributing to a sustainable future through the following initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

1. Solar Power Generation for Self-Sufficiency ─────────────

We have introduced solar panels to reduce environmental impact and promote the use of renewable energy. This initiative contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving sustainable energy utilization.

 2. Promotion of Paperless Operations ─────────────────

Leveraging digital technology, we actively promote paperless operations to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impact. By embracing electronic documents and digital communication, we have significantly reduced paper usage.

3. Waste Reduction through Quality Improvement Activities ───────

Through rigorous quality improvement efforts, we enhance product quality while minimizing waste. We strive to contribute to a circular economy and reduce environmental impact.

4. Business Time Reduction through RPA Utilization ──────────

To improve operational efficiency and employee productivity, we utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. This enables automation of routine tasks, reducing work hours and promoting efficient energy use.

5. Hybridization of Company Vehicles ──────────────────

In pursuit of efficient fuel usage and reduced emissions, our company vehicles have been upgraded to hybrid models. By adopting sustainable transportation methods, we mitigate the environmental impact of transportation and contribute to the local community.

6. Global Partnership through the Use of Overseas Interns and Factories

By fostering international cooperation and utilizing overseas interns, exchange students, and factories, we build sustainable global partnerships, expanding our international perspective and cultural understanding.

7. Business Time Reduction through Small Group Activities Improvement

Through idea sharing and swift implementation of improvement processes in small group activities, we enhance operational efficiency and productivity. We value exploring new ways of working based on cooperation and empathy.

8. Contribution to the Local Community ─────────────────

Beyond being just a company, we cherish our symbiotic relationship with the local community. Through initiatives to revitalize the community and contribute to solving social issues, we fulfill our responsibility as corporate citizens and contribute to building a sustainable future.

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