One of Japan's oldest manufacturers of hydraulic devices


Koretsune Seiko Ltd. manufactures hydraulic devices. As one of Japan’s oldest manufacturers in this field, we produce a large number of hydraulic devices. Koretsune Seiko hydraulic devices are the power behind power heavy equipment such as construction, industrial, agricultural machinery. Hydraulic devices are the muscle that power these huge machines.

Employment information for 2011

Starting salary Per company regulations
Number of available positions 10 positions available
Stipends Duty stipend, supplemental stipend, attended stipend, effort stipend, commuting stipend, family stipend
Salary upgrades Once a year in April
Bonuses Twice a year in July and December
Work location Kasai
Personnel supervisor General Affairs Department (Mr. Tomosada)
Education At start of employment: New employee training, vocational training, acquisition of qualifications, personal development
Evaluation Comprehensive review of written application, written examination, and personal interview

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Documents for submittal Curriculum vitae with photograph, school transcripts, diplomas, medical report
Qualifications All departments and all courses