Hydraulic pumps, cylinders, gearboxes, and other devices used to power heavy equipment such as construction, industrial, and agricultural machinery

corporate principles

In pursuit of future potential


High quality

The hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, and other devices we build at Koretsune Seiko are known for their quality and reliability. Each of our products is designed, developed, and manufactured to the highest technological standards for use in conjunction with specific equipment for a specific job. Individual parts received from our Production Department are assembled in thoroughly streamlined processes. The high levels of quality, precision, and functionality evident in products built by these processes are a source of pride for all of us a Koretsune Seiko. We will continue to face the challenge of unlimited potential for innovation and enhancement in hydraulic devices and equipment.


High precision

Koretsune Seiko products are known for their micron-level precision, detailed design, production lines featuring state-of-the-art instruments, and precision operation of machinery. These are the things that achieve the ultimate in accuracy and precision.


High functionality

High functionality is a hallmark of the machinery and equipment that use high-quality and high-precision Koretsune Seiko products. Koretsune Seiko products will meet your demands for ease of operation and efficiency.

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