Hydraulic pumps, cylinders, gearboxes, and other devices used to power heavy equipment such as construction, industrial, and agricultural machinery

a word from the president

Katsuhiro Koretsune

Management principles

Koretsune Seiko follows three major principles.

  • Face the challenge of creating an affluent future.
  • Remember that the customer comes first.
  • Seek personal and professional enhancement.

These are the three cornerstones upon which our business was built.

We believe that opportunity and potential are unlimited just as long as we continue to meet the daily challenge of turning our dreams into reality. Superior quality, on-time delivery, and reasonable cost are the cornerstones on which our customers' trust is built. It is said that "a company is its people," and each and every one of us at Koretsune Seiko looks to maintain high standards for personal growth, to keep an open mind to learn with, and to make a fresh start with each new day. These are the principles which guide our actions.

Thanks to the continued patronage and cooperation of our stakeholders, we are continuing our efforts to contribute to society though the operation of a profitable company that supports the prosperity of its employees.

All of us at Koretsune Seiko are committed to winning the trust and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, and we look forward to your continued encouragement and support.

President and Representative Director, Katsuhiro Koretsune

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