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environmental policies and ISO certification

Environmental initiatives suitable for a responsible corporate citizen


■Environmental policies

Koretsune Seiko Ltd. considers the establishment of a sound policy for protecting the environment to be its most significant business management issue and is committed to finding a proper balance between business activities related to the production of hydraulic equipment and protection of the natural environment as well as to contributing to society through on-going initiatives for environmental conservation.

1. Clarify responsibilities and authority regarding environmental conservation as part of the establishment of an environmental management system.

2. Conform to all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements related to the environment

3. Reduce environmental burden through initiatives for the conservation of resources and energy as well as reduced generation, reuse, and recycling of waste

4. Implement initiatives for heightening awareness of environmental conservation, for promoting continued innovation, and for preventing pollution.

5. Establish and review as necessary economically and technologically feasible objectives and targets for environmental performance.

6. Document all environmental policies, promote awareness of these policies among employees, and disclose them to the general public.

July 31, 2009

Koretsune Seiko Limited

President and Representative Director,

Katsuhiro Koretsune

Production of environmentally-friendly products

To ensure the integrity of the local environment, Koretsune Seiko has introduced non-polluting plating equipment that uses ion-exchange filters and the recycling of wastewater from plating processes to eliminate discharge of industrial wastewater.

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